Menu Ideas

There’s so much choice and inspiration to be taken from different cuisines that it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to plan a menu for just one day! To make it easier, we’ve provided some examples of our most loved meals to give you an idea of what we can produce.

A large part of our business is concerned with producing delicious pies with unctuous fillings and homemade pastry. We have put this experience and expertise in producing classic British pies into a range of pork pie celebration cakes, a taste and visual sensation as we embellish them in a manner befitting your style and theme.

We always love trying something new though, so we’re happy to work with you wherever possible to provide your perfect menu. 


Chicken Tagine
with prunes and almonds

We have a more extensive menu guide that we will send out to you upon request.

  • Spit and Rotisserie meats
  • Tapas and Mezze
  • Mediterranean foods such as Tagines or Paella
  • Italian Cichetti style dishes (similar to tapas but with Italian flavours)
  • Best of British (and Cumbria): a variety of pies, Lancashire Hotpots, Cumberland, Sausage, Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Asian dishes such as Thai or Indian food
  • Barbecues with quality meat, fish and vegetarian options
Beef kebab
Beef Kebab Skewers
the ideal BBQ choice for that
informal summer event.
  • Afternoon Teas with a selection of sandwiches and home made cakes










Our philosophy is simple; as long as we can cook and serve it for the required number of guests in your choice of venue, we can do it.  We'll advise you where we might need to make a few tweaks to make it work, but it's very much a can do attitude!


Here's an example of a typical bespoke menu:

Example of a bespoke menu we can provide

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